Facts about little blue penguins

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Penguins return to their hutch each night after a long day of fishing.

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Penguins will eat small sardine sized fish.

Penguins will talk to each other for 2-3 hours, have a 4-5 minute sleep and then talk again for another
2-3 hours.


  One penguin swims
80km per day.

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Penguins normally mate and stick with
their partner, however like the human race
they have a 10 to 20% divorce rate.

Penguin Skull

This is an adult penguin’s skull.


Penguins waterproof their feathers by applying oil to them out of a duct in their back.   


Numbers vary from 0 to 204 penguins each night.


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The information in this book goes to D.O.C and they research it.


The average age of a penguin is 7 years and the oldest penguin lived to 23 years.

There are 3000 feathers on a penguin.


The average weight of the penguin is 1.5 kgs and the average height of the penguin is 30cm.




People find penguins all over Oamaru. Once a penguin tried to get in to the Brydone Hotel dining area.


The population of the little blue penguins has gone up 5% in the last 9 years.


After penguin chicks have left the safe care of their parents they go to sea for
5-6 months.


If the penguins get tired on the water
they will sleep for 4-8 minutes.

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