The History of Campbells Bay School
Campbells Bay Primary 2001

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hand:   The Research Process

  • We learnt about the history of Campbells Bay School by reading past  jubilee booklets.

  • We had a session with a history teacher,  Miss Glanville about oral histories, questioning techniques and interview techniques. 

  • We wrote letters, made phone calls and sent faxes to arrange interviews. 

  • We set up recording equipment, met our guests, showed them around the school and conducted the interview. 

  • Then we listened to the tapes and extracted the main point of what was said.

  • We tried to display the main points of the interviews in a way which would be interesting for people to read and to learn from.

  • We had a presentation evening in the library and invited our parents, The Principal Mr McGowan, The Deputy Principal Miss Bowmar and the people we interviewed, to come and see our finished work.

  • Because our work will be valuable to future pupils,  we decided to record it all on the Living Heritage site, so other people studying their school histories can compare their information to ours. 

Skills Involved

  • Reading to extract research information
  • Letter writing
  • Sending a fax
  • Making a phone call
  • Formulating questions - open and closed
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Group work
  • Technology - using a tape recorder
  • Extracting main points from interviews and displaying the information in an engaging way
  • Time and task management

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