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Quizzes and Interviews

Here is a quiz for you to try out!

The answers are at the bottom.

1. What school does Ziva Louisson go to?

a. Worser Bay

b. Miramar Central

c. Miramar South

2. What number on Marine Parade is the Pilot's Cottage?

a. 225

b. 229

c. 226

3. The Pilot's Cottage stopped being used by ships pilot's in:

a. 1877

b. 1894

c. 1817

4.  When was the Pilot's Cottage built?

a. 1877

b. 1826

c. 1866

5.  What class is Ziva in?

a. Year 1-2

b. Year 5-6

c. Year 3-4

6.  What was the name of the first ship's pilot in Wellington?

a. James Cook

b. Mr James Heberley (otherwise known as 'Worser")

c. William Shilling

7.  What did Mr Heberley do for a job before he was a ships pilot?

a. Missionary


c. Teacher

8.  Why did Mr Heberley get the nickname 'Worser'?

a. Because he used to forecast the weather as getting "worser and worser"

b. Because he lived at Worser Bay

c.  Because he wasn't very nice.


1.   a                              5.  c

2.   b                              6.   b

3.   b                              7.   b

4.   c                              8.   a


Laura, Abi, and Caitlin, all Year Three children, interviewed Darren Matthews, the architect that helped make the changes to the Pilot's Cottage.

Here are the questions that were asked and Darren's answers.

Q: Why was doing the Pilot's Cottage different from other projects that you have done?

A: The main difference between the Pilot's Cottage and other projects that we have worked on is that it would be the oldest building that we have made alterations to. There are not many like this left in Wellington and the City Council makes sure that the owners look after them.This means that the owners cannot pull the house down or alter it without the permission of the councils approval.

Q: Have you done any other famous buildings?

A: There are not many famous buildings that I have worked on apart from the Wellington Library in town.  Some famous buildings that I would have liked to have done are the Sydney Opera House, the Taj Mahal in India and the Chrysler Building in New York, USA.

Q:  Why did you do the Pilot's Cottage?

A: Because Ziva's mum and dad asked me to help them make the house better to live in and that's what I do for a job.

Q: What were you asked to do on the Pilot's Cottage?

A: I was asked to make the upstairs room bigger with higher ceilings so that when you stood up you wouldn't knock yourselves out by banging into the roof.  I was asked to put more windows into these rooms to let the sun in and so that you could look out onto the beach.  I was also asked to put a small bathroom upstairs so that when you woke up at night and needed to go to the toilet, you didn't have to climb down the steep stairs to get to the bathroom below.

I am not sure if there are any ghosts in the house, you'll have to ask Ziva.

This is a special house and when you look at it and walk through it, you can imagine what life might have been like in Worser Bay 150 years ago.  There would have been no roads, cars or other houses, just a single house built on the beach.















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