The History of Campbells Bay School
Campbells Bay Primary 2001
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hand:   Jeff Ripley

 Pupil 1972 - 1978

Jeff Ripley:


 Mr Jeff Ripley was at Campbells Bay School from 1972 - 1978.  He then moved on to Murrays Bay Intermediate and Westlake Boys High School.  Then he moved into a life of engineering. 

He also enjoys climbing mountains, kayaking down rapids and parachuting off cliffs and mountains.  He is often found parapanting off Kennedy Park.


One year we went on a camp to Ngaruawahia. We had two nights there. One of the nights we had we stayed in cabins and on the second night we stayed in tents. The possums kept coming from the trees and trying to steal our food.

 BMX’s and Skateboards

We used to have skateboards when they had just been invented, but they got banned quite quickly because children would be skating down the halls and in the classrooms. Also, BMX bikes had just been invented too so we were some of the first people to have them.

 The Dairy

About two houses down the road there used to be a dairy which was a favourite amongst the students who walked home.

 Lunch Items

Well, the lunchroom used to be by the hall where it is now. When we had our lunches we had them outside but if it was raining we would have them in our classroom. We didn’t have MacDonalds in those days.

My favourite item would probably be marmite and cheese toasted rolls.

Favourite things at school

The one I liked the most was probably art. I wasn’t really good at art, but I still enjoyed it. I also liked reading. I never really liked maths or handwriting.  I was always terrible at school. Certainly at my school work anyway. I liked the playing fields the most.

There was always good games of rugby or soccer on there

Sports Shed

Well  we used to get balls  and soft ball equipment off the caretaker. He used to issue them at lunch time. Also things like hula hoops. Occasionally we brought our own things from home, tennis balls & softballs, things like that.  

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