Gulf Harbour School

Shakespear Park - Our Special Place


This is Kyle's sketch of a tui.

This is Kyle's sketch of a tui.
There are many kinds of birds that live in the park. We saw tui's, pukekos, seagulls, black birds, fan tails, wood pigeons, rosella's and ducks. The park rangers are trying to get birds from Tiri Tiri Matangi island to come and live at the park. Birds like kokaka, stitch birds, saddleback, kaka and the kiwi.


Seagulls eat anything and if you give them a chance, they will eat something out of your mouth.

Pukeko family.

Shakespear Park has the greatest number of pukeko families than all the Regional parks. Some times we have pukekos on our school fields.


Ferrets kill native birds. All pests like weasels, stoats, feral cats and rats are being killed so more native birds will visit and live in the park.