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Red Beach School

Gilshennan Reserve Pollution Investigation

Our project

Gilshennan Reserve

Our project is based on Gilshennan Reserve.  This park is at the end of the road that our school is on.  At first we thought it was named after this road, but we found out that it was named after Gilshennan Valley, the road at the other end of the reserve.  We did some research to find out why it was called 'Gilshennan'.

1. View of Gilshennan Valley from Albert Hall Drive

Ellen Gilshennan

Ellen Gilshennan was born in Matakana in 1883. She moved down to the Hibiscus Coast area and met her future husband,Willam Bayes, at Red Beach. Ellen and William Bayes and their family lived in a house close to Red Beach. The house is still there today!  The road that it is on is called Marellen Drive, after Mary and Ellen Bayes. 

Ellen was known around Red Beach as Grandma Bayes. She bonded with the people of Red Beach and helped out a lot. Gilshennan Valley and its reserve is named after her maiden name to remember the great things she did in our community.

15. Gilshennan Valley

Written by Andrew and Liam