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Where young people celebrate the heritage of New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. With our support, schools and young people can present their own web pages about their local community, family, and friends.

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Profiled story

  • Our school history

    Titahi Bay North School – Published 20/05/2010

    Senior students at Titahi Bay North School have researched the history of their school. Read about the memories of several past pupils and compare their stories with what happens at the school in 2010.

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Latest stories

  • Behind the books

    Holy Cross School - Primary – Published 16/04/2014

    Year 5 and 6 students investigate the question 'How does the school library reflect the history of Holy Cross School?' See what they discover.

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  • Investigators and storytellers

    Waterloo School - Primary – Published 05/02/2014

    To begin their story, the investigators and storytellers at Waterloo School worked together to explore their own backgrounds and identifying their iwi. Then they looked at sharing the school's 75th Jubillee celebration.

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  • Discovering Edgecumbe

    Edgecumbe Primary School - Primary – Published 20/12/2013

    Room 7 children and their teacher have had fun learning about how special their little rural town of Edgecumbe is with the help of their families. They share stories of their 'corner of the world'.

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  • Waitohu Wet Rock

    Waitohu School - Primary – Published 16/12/2013

    Our big idea/mission is to care for our Waitohu awa by planting it from the mountains to the sea. Find out how Waitohu School students are going to help do this.

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Recovery of greater Christchurch photography competition

The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) invited all schools - primary, intermediate and secondary - in greater Christchurch to take part in a photography competition. Schools were asked to submit photographs that reflected their students' visions of recovery - what greater Christchurch will be like in the future.

To view entries click here.

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Two of the latest Living Heritage stories were created as part of the New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO Pacific Islands' Living Heritage Project in Niue.