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Indonesian Puppets

My name is Endy and I come from Indonesia. These Indonesian puppets are at my home. They first came to my house because my father wanted to have traditional Indonesian things inside our house. They are memories of our country. When I look at them, I remember what life was like back in Indonesia. Every time I see these puppets inside my house I always feel that I'm home.

I have never been to an Indonesian puppet show, but I have seen the making of one of these puppets. First they draw a picture on a thin piece of wood, and then they cut the shape out and smooth the side part. Then they carve out the pattern, and paint the part that shows up. Its pretty cool actually how people can make them in only a few hours. It is actually very fast. The longest part is waiting for the paint to dry. I think that the people who make these puppets are very talented.

Indonesian puppets

Endy's Indonesian puppets

(Photograph copyright Lyn Potter, 2003)