Issue 29: March 2013

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New stories on Living Heritage

Congratulations to these schools that have recently finished their websites!

Northern suburbs, Wellington

What is the history of the Newlands and Johnsonville community in Wellington? Take a look at what Newlands College students have discovered.

Personal migration stories

Welcome to their project about migration to New Zealand. Wellington High School year 9 students tell the stories of the journeys their ancestors took to New Zealand.

Holy Cross reflections in Miramar

Join year 5 and 6 students at Holy Cross School, Miramar as they discover what is special about their school. Reflecting on their past has helped them to understand who they are and the special place meditation has in their lives.

Living Heritage in the Pacific

If you look through the School stories you will see that a number have been completed for the New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO Pacific Islands’ Living Heritage project. Along with schools in New Zealand stories have been made in Niue, Samoa, and the Cook Islands. All schools were supported throughout the researching of their stories by way of email, phone, and in-school assistance.

“UNESCO recognises that living or intangible heritage provides people with a sense of identity and continuity. Helping young people to learn from their past is a key way to help prepare them for the future.”

New registrations for Living Heritage

We're always looking for new and different stories for the site. Please get in contact if you would like to discuss your ideas or go to Participate on the Living Heritage website for information. It would be great to showcase your story.

Copyright and Privacy Release form

When your Living Heritage story is finished you need to fill in, sign, and send us the Living Heritage Copyright and privacy release form which tells us that all permissions needed have been acquired and are being held at the school. We cannot publish your site until we have this assurance. Please don’t send us the other permissions that you have acquired. Store them at your schools.

Are you are working on a story?

It has been great to meet many of you in your schools over the year. Just remember support is only an email or telephone call away. We love working with you and are always happy to help.

Best wishes

The Living Heritage team.
Barbara Baker
Community Facilitator
Living Heritage

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