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Thank you to Mrs Cameron, Angela and Netcor. Thank you to our librarian for letting us use the whiteboard and computers to work on our Living Hertiage page. We would like to thank Netcor for letting us visit the Wairakei Terraces and letting us get in free. We would like to thank our parent helper (Angela) - we couldn't have gone to the Wairakei Terraces without her. We are very excited to be able to put our work on this web page so we would especially like to thank the Living Heritage team for letting us do this project. We would like to say a big thanks to Mrs Cameron - we couldn't have done this project without her!! Again to 1Mrs Cameron, thanks so much for producing your camera to let us take photos with!! We thank all the teachers who helped us on our project and to get all the information we could find. It was much appreciated. If you would like to know more about our school visit: Tauhara Primary School

Written by Maia, Rachelle and Olivia

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