Raroa Intermediate

Mt Kaukau

Future Plans

This page is all about future plans for Mt Kaukau from Stu Bailey at the Wellington City Council.

Area 3.2 Khandallah/Johnsonville

  • Horse Riding along the main ridge will be allowed subject to appropriate conditions.
  • Vehicle access will be confined to management purposes, unless there are exceptional reasons.
  • Key entrance areas will provide access to the outer green belt, but are also important as community recreation areas for playing, picnicking and other activities.

Area 3.1 Old Coach Road

  • Complete and adopt the Old Coach Road Conservation plan (confine content to the management of the heritage values, rather than the wider landscape)
  • Old Coach Road to be developed and enhanced as a major access point to the outer green belt.
  • There will be a clearly defined walking access to Mt Kaukau.
  • Consider closing Old Coach Road (as a legal road, except for any section needed for actual roading purposes and protecting it as a category one historic road.)

Area 3.3 Awarua Street Reserves

  • Clearly defined areas to be grazed and new fencing required to achieve this.
  • Create a relatively remote part of the outer green belt to provide outstanding views of the city.
  • Protect the ridgeline vegetation south of Kaukau from Darwin's Barberry.
Mt Kaukau ridgeline

Mt Kaukau ridgeline