Aramoho School

Many a tune ago


During our project we interviewed Mr. Shaw who played in the mouth organ band.

Q. How long were you in the mouth organ band?
A. "I was in the band for two years starting in form one."

Q. Did you have to practice a lot?
A. "We practiced every day at school, but not that long."

Q. How many people were in the mouth organ band?
A. "When I was in the band there were about twenty players."

Q. How old were you when you joined the band?
A. "I was about seven or eight years old."

Q. What was the hardest thing about learning to play the mouth organ?
A. "It wasn't hard to learn, it seemed to come naturally."

Q. Which part of being in the band did you like best?
A. "I enjoyed everything about being in the band."

Q. What was the favourite tune that you liked to play?
A. " I can't remember any favourite tune but I remember there were some tunes we liked more than others."

Q. Why did the school decide to play mouth organs for a musical instrument?
A. "The principal decided to introduce mouth organs as part of the music program."

Q. How many mouth organ bands were there in Wanganui?
A. "There were no other bands in Wanganui. We were actually the first in NZ."

Q. Did it start a lifetime involvement in music for you?
A. "Yes it did. I am in my nineties and I still love music."

Q. Did you make friends for the rest of your life through the band?
A. "Yes I still have many friends that were in the band with me at school."

Q. Do you have any special memories of your time in the mouth organ band?
A. "I do remember being in a concert at the Wanganui Opera House and I remember how exciting that was."

Photo of band members.