Aramoho School

Many a tune ago


The mouth organ band often appeared in public and in December 1928 they played a fantasia at the first concert to be broadcast from the Opera House.

They also played for the marching of school children through the streets on the occasion of the visit of the Duke and Duchess of York.

The mouth organ band had a wide repertoire of tunes.

At a concert at the Duchess Theatre in 1928, the band played 'The last rose of summer' and 'My old Kentucky home'. One lady remarked that these tunes were worth the entrance money alone.

At the Opera House in 1930 as part of music week, they played 'The road to the Isles'.

On Anzac Day every year children saluted the flag while the mouth organ band played the National Anthem.

'Annie Laurie' was almost the theme tune of the Aramoho mouth organ band.

Mouth organ players and keyboard.