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As mentioned on our home page, Room 4's involvement with the Devil's Bridge Wetlands was part of a school-wide inquiry learning focus on 'Sustainability', our big question being: "How can we help look after our environment?"

The class is made up of NE-Yr 2 students. The learning outcomes were based on Science and Social Studies Achievement Objectives as well as skills of inquiry:

Science - Making Sense of the Living World (Level 2)

AO 2: investigate and understand the general function of the main parts of animals and plants

AO 4: investigate the responses of plants and animals, including people, to environmental changes in their habitats

Social Studies - Place and Environment (Level 2)

AO 1: how people's activities influence places and the environment and are influenced by them

Inquiry Skills

  • seek and use information from a variety of sources, with teacher support
  • make and discuss observations
  • use observations to suggest possible solutions
  • share learning with others

Our learning experiences included:

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