The History of Kennedy Park
Campbells Bay Primary School
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hand:   Interview with local resident, Jean Bartlett


Q. How long have you been living here?

A. 47 years from 1953 until 2001. I moved from Devonport. 

Q. Do you find the park interesting?

A. Yes, very much, not just the park but the pa as well. Itís interesting
     with the gun emplacements not just being the park.

Q. How has the park changed over the years?

A. Deteriorated. Well do you know that it started as an army camp that was camouflaged
   to look like a housing estate, but all these houses have gone now.

Q. How many people lived and worked here while the war was on?

A. Many. The army department will know if you are desperate.
    They will have the exact number.

Q. What sort of jobs did they have when everyone was here?

A. Soldierís jobs.

Q. Do you know anything about the school while the war was in action?

A. No, I wasnít living here right at that moment. I was in living in
    Devonport at the time.

Q. What were your memories of the war?

A. I was living in Devonport at the time and was married in 1940. My
    husband went into the forces.  It had a very big influence on my life.
    Lots of people were killed after that.

Q. Do you know what the park was called before it was called 
Kennedy Memorial Park?

A. I donít think it was called anything. I donít even think it was a park in
    fact. I think it was just that scrubby area out the back there

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