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hand:   Interview - Rahopara Pa

Jean Bartlett:

A photo of all of our research group with Mrs Bartlett at the Pa 

Interview with Jean Bartlett Resident of Castor Bay and Editor of the book TAKAPUNA People and Places. We asked her the following questions about Rahopara Pa.

Who was the first chief of the Pa?

It was so long ago, I donít think anybody knows. Before the 14th century.

Why did they turn the Pa into a small fighting Pa?

Well because it was necessary to. They had all those people fighting them, they had to protect themselves. Iíve got a feeling that they probably lived in peace time down on the flat, behind the beach, where there would be water and better soil for growing kumara, and would move up to the pa if danger threatened. But thatís just a guess.

When did the second occupation start?

Well you see, someone said that they were there, the Kawerau were the tribe that lived there, were there when Christopher Columbus discovered America. Now as you see that is such a long time ago. I doubt even the Maori would even know.

Who was the chief of the Pa when Kapetawa destroyed it?

Umm yes, I donít know the name of the local chief, Iím sorry.

How did Kapetawa destroy the Pa?

Um well, thereís a trench still there but it was never a very deep one and they didnít have much of a palisade so I think they just over ran it and got over the palisade down into the ditch and up again. Probably it was a small fighting pa with not many fighting men.

This trench we are in was used to keep other enemy tribes away that attacked the Pa.

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