Recycling at Campbells Bay Primary School
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 Thank you to our teachers, Mrs Bradley, Miss Williamson, Miss Little and Miss Blackburn who let us take part in this project and gave us class time to continue our work.  Thank you to our Librarian, Mrs Purchase who showed us how to put our work on the website and arranged for the digital camera and scanner to produce our pictures.


Thank you  to Emily Flaws, the Living Heritage Co-Ordinator who helped us with the technical details and particularly helped with resizing the pictures and the graph which were too big for the page. 


Thank you to the National Library for having the idea of the Living Heritage Site, we are very pleased to be able to put our work on and we look forward to seeing work from other schools.


We tried hard to research our facts well and we hope our information is accurate, but please excuse any mistakes you may find - we hope people reading our information will continue with their own search and gather information from many sources and keep recycling.  Our planet and our country needs the help of every single person.


If you would like to read more about our school, you can look at our website at or find some of the history of our school at

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