Recycling at Campbells Bay Primary School
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Our project was to find out about recycling on the North Shore
and at Campbells Bay Primary School.

Campbells Bay School has 650 pupils,

a forest,

and a million dollar view of the ocean and Rangitoto Island.

View over pool:

We have had a recycling scheme at our school for several years, but many people have forgotten about it so we wanted to evaluate what was happening now.

We did this project to encourage people to keep the environment clean and green and to help keep our beaches clean, because we all love going to the beach.

Most people on the North Shore recycle at home, as the Council gave everyone free recycling bins many years ago.  The Council collect our recyclable rubbish once a week for free.

We studied recycling to try and find ways to help people recycle more, to find out why it is good to recycle and to find new ideas for recycling at school.  Children at Campbells Bay School care about the environment.  We have our own forest and every class has part of it to take care of and to plant new trees in each year.



When we are old we would like to come back to our school and see if the forest has grown and if there are lots of birds and no rubbish.  (There used to be old tyres, broken glass and lots of bad weeds).  We hope our beaches will always be clean and that our city will not have lots of awful rubbish making a big ugly mess.


Our plea to everyone else in the world, is to please recycle, care about the world and be kind to the animals, the people and the environment. 


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