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All of the Year 6 pupils at Campbells Bay (four classes) studied recycling, pollution and worm composting in Term 3, 2001.  Two pupils from each class were chosen by their teachers to extend this study to the Living Heritage Website.


We started by meeting in the library, with our Librarian, Mrs Purchase.  We brainstormed our ideas, our existing knowledge and tried to think of questions and things we wanted to find out more about.  We decided one of the main things we would like to do, would be to encourage lots of people at our school to recycle more, both at school and at home.


We chose a section of the work to research each:

  1. Renata - Worms & composting
  2. Nicholas & Conor - Existing recycling scheme at school
  3. Eric - Zero waste policy
  4. Jesse - Recycling at home and other schools
  5. Gina & Katherine - water pollution & recycling, how to help our beaches
  6. Samantha - recycling in other parts of New Zealand

During this project we used many research skills including:

  • Interviews
  • Skimming & scanning information
  • Finding information on the internet
  • Ringing people for information
  • emailing people for information
  • faxing people for information
  • surveys
  • graphs 
  • we held a competition for ideas for recycling
  • drama - a group produced a skit at assembly
  • reading
  • notetaking
  • sharing information
  • typing
  • making a website
  • digital camera
  • scanner
  • Gina & Katherine visited the Long Bay education centre 

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