Cannon’s Creek School

Watercress Tuna in Cannon's Creek

The Research Process

Our class has 31 people in it and we were split into six groups.

The photographers were Savannah, Keni, Leo, Peni and Eloise. They took lovely photos of the statue, the book Watercress Tuna and the Children of Champion Street and painted some lovely watercolour paintings.

The creative designers were Jessica, Michael, Tamika, Te Ngaira and Matthew. They have made some sculptures of the tuna in the book. They also collected a list of words from all the languages in the book.

The reporters were Alisha, Rahera, Lauagaia, Brenda and Sylvana. They interviewed a librarian and our school principal to find out about the statue itself.

The researchers were Eni, Tony, Vila, Roseta, Anastasia and Katrice. They were finding out all they can about Patricia Grace.

The surveyors ran a survey to find out who knows about the statue at school. They then put this information into Microsoft Excel and made graphs.

The website designers did most of the typing and proofreading and helped to put the stuff on the website.

By Savannah