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Lake Waihora

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This project gives information on Te Waihora, a lake of significant cultural, historical and natural importance in our local area. We have followed the inquiry process in our investigation. The children have, in groups, explored their own area of interest, finding information from literature, surveys and experts in the field. We also spent 3 days at the lake, learning to sail and kayak.

Essential Learning Areas:

Social Studies: Resource and Economic Activities 3:1,Place and Environment 3:1, 3:2

Science: Planet Earth and Beyond 3:1, 3:2, Living World 3:4

Visual Art: Developing Ideas, 3

Health and Physical Education: Personal Health and Physical Development 3:3, Movement Concepts and Motor Skills 3:2

Essential Skills:

Social and Co-operative: working co-operatively to achieve common goals.

Physical: developing specialised skills relating to recreational activities.

Communication: using information and communicatiom technologies.

Information Skills: identifying, locating, gathering and processing information using a range of sources.

Problem Solving: inquire, research and explore, generate and develop ideas.

Self Management and Competetive Skills: adapting to new ideas, technologies and situations.


Living Heritage - Tikanga Tuku Iho