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Lasting Legacy - Maori Flutes


Music for our quicktime movie is played by Hirini Melbourne. Ms Hayes would like to acknowledge the use of this track and also the great role Hirini Melbourne's work played in our development of ideas.

Lasting Legacy Resources Used By Voyagers 2007 in their inquiry into Maori Flutes/Instruments:

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A selection of photographic images from

  • Alexander Turnbull online library
  • Te Maori Exhibition
  • old Matariki calendars
  • website images screened using a data show










A selection of recorded music:

  • Toiapiapi by Hirini Melbourne
  • Music of the Bush by Lindy Kelly
  • Waiata Pipi by the Department of Education
  • He Waiata by the Ministry of Education
  • He Waiata mo nga Kaupapa Ake by the Ministry of Education
  • Nga Pihi 2 by UCA
  • He Waiata ma te Katoa by Hirini Melbourne
  • Terra Inhabitata by David Anthony Clark
  • Oceania by Point Music
  • Toku Reo by Hori Chapman
  • Wai 100% by Wai 100%
  • Celebrating Matariki by Libby Hakaraia

Examples of Maori flutes and other instruments held in the collection of Te Manawa Museum, Palmerston North, New Zealand.

Expert knowledge shared by Moe Turoa.