Living Heritage - Tikanga Tuku Iho

Bexley Wetland is located in the eastern suburbs of Christchurch and is close to the suburbs of Bexley, Aranui and New Brighton.


The Bexley Wetland is of cultural importance to Canterbury, as it was a source of mahinga kai (food and other resources).

When European settlers arrived Christchurch it was covered in extensive wetlands.

Soon Bexley Wetland had dairy herds grazing on the site.

The war effort saw it change when food was grown on it.

Unfortunately the area was later used as a scrap metal yard, which caused some of the soil to be contaminated.

Since 1984 community groups have lobbied the Christchurch City Council to protect the Bexley Wetland.

In 1992, 12.5 hectares of the site were designated as an ecological heritage site. This decision has now protected the Wetland from future development.


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