Waitaki Valley School

Why Waitaki?

Using De Bono's thinking hats!

We used De Bono's thinking hats to investigate why people need these services in the Valley.

The National Bank.

The National Bank

Yellow hat thinking:

They take our school banking.

They can change your money.

You can get free lollipops, drink bottles and money boxes.

They look after your money for you.

You can get money from the bank.

They play music for you.

Black hat thinking:

You can't get money for free.

No stealing money.

You can't take all of the money.

Bank robbers.

You can't break money.

The Valley Cafe and Bakery.

The Valley Cafe and Bakery

Yellow hat thinking:

They make good mince pies.

They sell yummy bread.

They are careful about the ingredients they use.

They have a fun playground.

Black hat thinking:

No running inside.

No throwing food.

You can't go into the kitchen.

4 Square.

The local supermarket - the 4 Square

Yellow hat thinking:

They sell food and drink.

They sell milk, stickers, ice creams, lollipops, paint and toys

Black hat thinking:

No stealing food.

No running inside.

No stealing money.

Sometimes people steal things.