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The Year 3 and 4 syndicate at Worser Bay School studied the Pilots Cottage.

Mr. hebberley: <P>Number 229 Marine Parade in the 1800's...</P>                                             

(Photo from Alexander Turnbull Library)

Have you ever wondered where the first ships pilots lived ?


You may wonder what the Pilot's Cottage is, but if you go walking around Worser Bay's Marine Parade, in Wellington, you will see it at number 229.  You cannot see it from the road so you may have to peep around the fence, but be careful!- the cottage is now privately owned. It was built in 1866 and is now pretty old.

This is where the first ships pilots in Wellington lived when Worser Bay (where our school is) was a port in the late 1800's.  The cottage was where the pilots lived between 1866 and 1894.

Our Year Three and Four class decided to study the Pilot's Cottage because the current owner is a Year Four student in our class!

sign photo: Some of us beside our sign!

This is a picture of some of our class who worked on this project.

The Pilot's Cottage was a good thing for us to study because it is quite close and we had many information sources, all of which were easy to understand and accessible for us school kids.  The information in this website has been researched, sorted, and arranged by Worser Bay Schools Year Three and Four class.  Our teachers also helped us make the things on the computer and all our new technology was very useful.                         


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