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The Research Process

The process of researching the Pilot's Cottage.

The Pilot's Cottage website took over one term to make and there were seventeen children from our class working on it.

We built this site based on the Living Heritage theme, and it took lots of time and effort from us and our teachers.

Day One (Tuesday 17th July 2001)

Today we went to the staff room to make our plan. Now we are ready to start.

Days Two, Three, and Four.

For three days, the writers researched.

Day Five (Friday 17th August 2001) 

Today we went to the Pilot's Cottage with Jo Buckels, a student at Massey University. She is a photographer keen on taking photographs of the Pilot's Cottage. 

cottage interior:
This is one of the photos that Jo took of the interior of the cottage.

Day Six (Friday 4th August 2001)

Today we went to the staff room to get jobs to be done on the website. We decided to put on some games and quizzes. 

We had three diary keepers, about eight writers, and six computer people. The writers have been doing most of the research so far, and the computer people have been scanning in some pictures and putting frames on them.

Sarah: Sarah was one of the computer people. Here she is putting a frame on a picture.   

The diary keepers have been writing the diaries every three or four days.

Day 7 (Thursday 15th November 2001)

Today a man called Paul Leslie came to our class to talk about his work at the NZ Historic Places Trust.  Paul also had a look at our project and we looked at the NZ Historic Places website.

Day 8 (Wednesday 12th December 2001)

We found out that all the photographs that we had placed on the website were too big.  So today, we made our final changes to the website and made all the photographs smaller. 

Our project is finished!!

Kate and Henry!!!: WE FINISHED!!!!!!

All of us (including the teachers,) were pleased to get the project finished, as it had been going on for quite some time.  


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