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    The People in the Pilots Cottage Then      

    The People in the Pilots Cottage Now 

    The ghost of James Heberley

    Quizzes and Interviews

    Some photos of the Cottage 'Then and Now'.


     fatso: Here is a picture of Mr. Heberley and his crew.       

    (Photo from Alexander Turnbull Library)
    (above) These sailors were the early inhabitants of the Pilot's Cottage.

    Catherine: This is Catherine.

    (above) This is Catherine, a friend of Ziva, the youngest child living in the Pilot's Cottage at the moment.  Catherine was at the Pilot's Cottage one day while we were studying the Pilot's Cottage

    In the time when the Pilot's Cottage was quite new, things were very different from how they are today.  There were dishes to be washed, fires to be made and nearly everyone had a job.  In those days, they didn't have fridges, stoves or electricity!  Now almost everything runs by electricity and things are a lot easier.

    Today (below) the cottage has everything that a modern house would have, apart from the really steep staircase and sash windows.

    sash windows: sash windows The cottage in 2001.

    James Heberley, (below) also known as "Old Worser" never lived in the Pilot's Cottage, even though he was sometimes a ships pilot in the area.  As a weather reporter and a whaler, he got his nickname by predicting the weather to be going to get "worser and worser." Of course, the word was not actually a real word but at the time it was not a major problem to Mr Heberley.

      cookie: "Old Worser"     (Photo from Alexander Turnbull Library)

    The Pilot's Cottage was occupied by harbour pilots from 1866 to 1894.

    Tami: This is Tami

    (above)  This picture is of the present owner, Tami Louisson.  Tami came up to school and we the interviewed her about what it is like to live in the Pilot's Cottage today. 




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