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Carnegie and
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From the
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A pictorial


St Peter's College

The History of the Public Library

A pictorial narrative

The Original Public Library

(1876 – 1885) The site of the original public library and reading room. Situated on the the corner of the Square and Fitzherbert Avenue, the library occupied the upstairs portion. Was destroyed in a fire, 1885.

Colonial Bank

(1900 – 1905) A greatly admired building at the time of the library's occupation. It stood on the site of the present day Square Edge arts centre.

Municipal Offices

(1905 – 1929) After a swap with the council, who had been cramped in the quarters, the library found itself stinted by the unextendable building. Sat in Main Street, alongside the Courthouse.

Fitzherbert Avenue

(1929 – 1965) Situated on the corner of Fitzherbert Avenue and the Square, like the original library. Built by the council, the library occupied the first floor but grew to occupy the shop space on the ground floor too.

Main Street

(1965 – 1996) Five stories of which the library occupied three. Same location as the third library, next to the courthouse on Main Street.

Central Library   Central Library

(1996 – Present Day) Architecturally renowned building, situated between George Street and the Square. Four levels, including a cafe, sound and vision section, bookstore, meeting room, archives, training room, newspaper room and childrens, youth, non-fiction, fiction, literature, genealogy/whakapapa and New Zealand and Pacific Islands sections.

Home – A brief introduction and explanation with a timeline.

The 'reading room' – The beginning for the Palmerston North Public Library, from 1876.

The 20th century – The borough council's establishment of a new reading room and library.

Carnegie and considerable changes – A difficult period and significant changes.

From the 60's to today – Continual growth and two location changes.

A pictorial narrative – Photographs of the six buildings the library has occupied from 1876 to 1996.

Sources – A list of sources used for information, with my email address if you have any queries.