Schools' Living Heritage Stories

Explore these stories created by New Zealand students and discover how they captured their local Living Heritage treasures. The intention of the Living Heritage facilitators is not to alter the voice of the student authors, but to provide support to ensure the work is clearly presented.

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  • Waitohu Wet Rock

    Waitohu School - Primary – Published 16/12/2013

    Our big idea/mission is to care for our Waitohu awa by planting it from the mountains to the sea. Find out how Waitohu School students are going to help do this.

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  • Drab to fab

    Corinna School - Primary – Published 10/12/2013

    Corinna School is a special place for Room 2. See how the students make their school even more special by painting a mural on one of the school walls.

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  • Shannon heritage

    Shannon School - Primary – Published 28/10/2013

    After finding out about their own heritage, students of Shannon School discovered the heritage of the Shannon area. Read the presentations they shared with their community.

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  • Knock! Knock! Who's there?

    Bayswater School - Primary – Published 27/09/2013

    The people of Bayswater School have been learning about the history of housing in their local area, Devonport and Bayswater. Enjoy their learning, findings and reflections.

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  • Places of significant interest in Taupo

    Tauhara Primary School - Primary – Published 10/06/2013

    Students from Tauhara Primary School share some places of interest from around the Taupō area where they live.They invite you to visit these wonderful places yourself some day.

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  • Northern suburbs, Wellington

    Newlands College - Secondary – Published 13/03/2013

    What is the history of the Newlands and Johnsonville community in Wellington? Take a look at what Newlands College students have discovered.

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  • Personal migration stories

    Wellington High School - Secondary – Published 19/11/2012

    Welcome to their project about migration to New Zealand. Wellington High School year 9 students tell the stories of the journeys their ancestors took to New Zealand.

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  • Holy Cross reflections in Miramar

    Holy Cross School, Miramar - Primary – Published 26/09/2012

    Join year 5 and 6 students at Holy Cross School, Miramar as they discover what is special about their school. Reflecting on their past has helped them to understand who they are and the special place meditation has in their lives.

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  • Fofoga he Atu Pulapulaola ha Niue

    Niue Primary School - Primary – Published 25/06/2012

    These stories have been titled ' FOFOGA HE ATUHAU PULAPULAOLA HA NIUE'. This translates as the Beauty of the young generation of Niue. The beauty is within the stories that the children have written about their life on Niue.

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  • Nukutuluea Foou

    Waterlea School - Primary – Published 14/06/2012

    Niuean children from Waterlea School invite you to read their story and share their Niuean heritage and their family links to Niue. Even though they live in New Zealand their connection with Niue is very strong and their story reflects this strong connection.

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Displaying 21 - 30 of 67 stories

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