Schools' Living Heritage Stories

Explore these stories created by New Zealand students and discover how they captured their local Living Heritage treasures. The intention of the Living Heritage facilitators is not to alter the voice of the student authors, but to provide support to ensure the work is clearly presented.

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  • Our Changing Indian Heritage

    Marcellin College - Secondary – Published 12/06/2012

    In this story the Indian students from Marcellin College record some of their history, their memories of India, and how they are maintaining their Indian culture in New Zealand by continuing to celebrate their Indian Festivals.

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  • Patea 2012

    Patea Area School - Primary – Published 27/04/2012

    Find out about the Patea 2012 storm. The year 3 and 4 children from Patea Area School had many experiences to share with each other, and wrote and drew pictures of what had happened.

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  • Whanaungatanga

    Tauriko School - Primary – Published 19/04/2012

    Tauriko School's year 5 and 6 students have used their school’s inquiry process to explore what it was like to be a member of their community up to 100 years ago. Enjoy reading their discoveries.

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  • Our playground in Island Bay

    Island Bay School - Primary – Published 03/04/2012

    K8 at Island Bay School love going to the park. They go there whenever they can to play in the big house and go down the big slide. They call it "Our Park in Island Bay" but when told it was really called 'Shorland Park' they wanted to know why. Follow their journey to see what they found out!

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  • Overcoming adversity - The Vaiala Beach School story

    Vaiala Beach School - Primary – Published 30/08/2011

    Students from Vaiala Beach School in Samoa invite you to read their story to learn how their school came to be and of how the school has overcome adversity and hardships.

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  • History of Samoa Primary School

    Samoa Primary School - Primary – Published 30/08/2011

    Year 8 students from Samoa Primary School welcome people of the world to their story and are honoured to show the history and activities of their school.

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  • History of the Manu Samoa

    Samoa Primary School - Primary – Published 30/08/2011

    2011 is Rugby World Cup year. Students from Samoa Primary School tell about their national rugby team Manu Samoa, and share the team's visits to their school.

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  • Samoan success

    Evans Bay Intermediate School - Intermediate – Published 23/08/2011

    Students from Evans Bay Intermediate School in Wellington have written stories about their Samoan successes at their school. Enjoy reading their stories. They are very proud of their successes!

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  • Cultural connections

    St Annes School - Primary – Published 23/08/2011

    At St Anne's School the students are lucky to have the opportunity to experience new things, visit different places and push themselves to attempt new challenges. The year 8 students from Room 9 write about a few of their experiences to share with you.

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  • Tapawera community

    Tapawera Area School - Secondary – Published 27/07/2011

    A group of Year 10 students from Tapawera Area School have dedicated this site to their local community, school, and to any other people that would like to learn about their little town’s history. Take a look at their research.

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Displaying 31 - 40 of 67 stories

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