Related projects


Our Student Enviro Group have several initiatives to raise the funds we require to maintain our projects. We sell our worm tea, make fire lighters from dry cabbage tree leaves, sell plants we grow at our Pet Day Stall, run raffles and apply to enviro groups for funds.

Litter Free

This is our goal. We have been taking small steps towards achieving this and the next phase is ‘litterless lunch boxes’. From Term 3, 2015, all lunch wrappers will be placed back into the student’s lunchboxes and taken home. Using results from regular Rubbish Audits, lunch box wrappings are our biggest waste problem. The use of re-useable containers is always promoted. We are reducing the number of general rubbish bins around the grounds. With our recycling programmes working, the landfill becomes a better place.

'I have a litter-less lunchbox. I put my paper in the recycling bin.
I put my scraps in the compost. I go and pick up rubbish if I see it on the ground.'

Outdoor Education

Education is not just in the classroom. Whether it’s reading, writing or PE, with our large playing fields, playgrounds, Maze, Gully, Shade Garden, on seating or sitting on the large tractor tyres, our students enjoy a wide range of learning spaces.

The Red Dot Tree is an icon within the school. During a storm in 2012 our massive and beautiful oak tree suffered serious damage and had to be cut down. The students were extremely sad and it was decided to keep the lower trunk section which consists of five 'fingers' and represents a hand. The students spend many enjoyable hours with their beloved tree.


'In November 2014, we went to the Enviro schools Street Parade in Hamilton. We made our own masks and costumes to represent our region'.

We are representing the Great Lake Taupō, we are the Children of Tangaroa and Ruaumoko. Tangaroa is the atua of rivers, lakes, seas and all that lives within them. Tangaroa is rhythmic and calm. Ruaumoko is the atua of earthquakes, volcanoes and geothermal activity. Ruaumoko is unpredictable, fiery and cleansing.

Pet Day

This is an annual school/community event held around the first week of November. It is organised by our PTA with stalls run by Year 5/6 students raising funds for their yearly senior school camps. Children bring their pets and show off the skills they have handling their pets. They also make vegetable creations, a variety of flower arrangements and baking.

Matariki cooking

As part of our community and school celebrations of Matariki (Māori New Year), we prepare hangi meals which are then cooked using two traditional methods – the steam holes (local site) and an in-ground hangi pit in the school grounds.

'I love being able to help cut the vegetables up and make a hangi meal with the things I like to eat'.

'We get to school earlier and help with the hangi pit'.