Our Art

We decided we would make dyed t-shirts with pictures on them that would show our pride in Edgecumbe and our school.

First we made pictures at home with our families (some of us changed these later on) that had to have something our families helped to 'create' and something about Edgecumbe.

Next we dyed our t-shirts. Some were plain coloured and others were tie-dyed but we only used one colour.

When these were washed and dried, Whaea Lesa printed our family pictures on to the back of the t-shirt but some people got their pictures put on to the front because the pattern was too pretty to be covered up if the person had tie-dyed the t-shirts.

While all this was going on, our class had started to paint a mural onto two canvas boards. If the pictures were too small, we used felt tips. Whaea Lesa (and her son Ethan) than tidied our art work up using paint.

Next, Whaea Lesa took a photograph of our finished logo-mural and uploaded it into the computer. After that she shrunk the picture and then printed the logo onto iron transfer. The last step was ironing this transfer onto the front of our t-shirt.

Finally, in Term 3, all our t-shirts had been dyed and both the family (well actually many of our children had decided to re-do their t-shirt designs!) design and logo design had been finished and ironed on...and every child had a finished t-shirt!