Research process

To research about Thorndon history, we had to go to lots of different places and speak to lots of different people. We started off by planning where we were going to go and what parts of Thorndon we were going to research. We visited the National Library quite a few times to look at old photos and some books about the history of Thorndon. We also went to the National Archives and looked at some old files and we got a bit of information on Thorndon School.We walked down to Old Saint Paul's Church and got some information about it and we took some photos. The educator there told us about the Pipitea Pa. We walked around Thorndon and we took photos of all the historical buildings. Katherine Mansfield house was really interesting, we weren't allowed to take photos but we got to have a look at what it would've been like when she lived there. We got in touch with Tony Burton and he gave us a really interesting and helpful book called Old Thorndon by his wife, Dinah Priestley. It also gave us lots of information about Thorndon.