H 199 is saved

After the Fell Engines were not longer needed they were cut up for scrap metal but H199 was put in the park in Featherston. Children liked to play on it.

After many years in the park it started to rust away. H199 was the last Fell engine in the world.

H199 was fixed up and a museum built so it would last for ever.

We are glad as we can still visit it and learn all about the railway. We can still climb up the stairs and look in the cab. We wish the railway could be still there as we would think it would be a lot of fun to ride up the incline.

Now there is a playground and a miniature railway in the park.

Today the railway line across the hill is a walking and cycling track.

Maybe one day you could come and visit our Fell Locomotive Museum and walk or cycle over the Rimutaka Incline.