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Our Art Panels

Our Art Panels

Click on the link above that shows the class working on their art panels over four days.

My art panel has a Spartan to show that I like Greek mythology and Greek history, my iwi (tribe) Ngai Tuhoe and awa (river) the Whirinaki and a picture of the Witch King from Lord of the Rings my favourite movie.

My art panel represents each person in my family. Mum was a vet nurse, dad and I like hunting, my two sisters like and enjoy riding horses and my brother is crazy about motorbikes.




On my art panel it has a picture of our horse Tane, my maunga (mountain) Hikurangi, and a goat that is known to us, it lives in the forest.


Each koru on my art panel represents each member of my family and I have also drawn a picture of my goat and my pig.


I drew my mum and dad on my art panel. I like my koru pattern because it's like a tree that grows in my garden.

On my art panel is my favourite ice-cream, banana, my hand prints and the number five.

My art panel has my pepeha on it, a pig to show I like hunting, and my family tree.