Motu School

Although there is only one very small school left in Motu there have been four schools in the district at Motuhora, Whakarau, and Marumoku. The first Motu School was opened in 1895 with 12 pupils in the kitchen of Mr Hansen’s accommodation house.

A new school was built in 1902 on the corner of the Marumoko Road. It had 21 pupils by 1906.

Students would arrive by foot, on bikes and on horseback.

The school roll varied over the years but had been up to 50 students in the 1920’s.

Old school logs report school having to close for at least one or two days most years, due to snow or flooding.


The school was moved to its present location and new building was opened in 1955. This was replaced by the present building in 1971.
My father and Luke's father went to this school and it is the only school I have ever been to.

Makere Year 8