Te Kauru (Senior Class)

Five students from Te Kauru have worked on this project; Kaya, Jacinta, Emaroa, Renee and Shayla. The reason our class is called Te Kauru is because it talks about how we grow up to be mature responsible students. Our school has 5 classes; Te Kakano, Te Putake, Te Tinana, Te Manga and Te Kauru. These names represent different parts of a tree. Te Kakano represents the seed, Te Putake, the roots, Te Tinana, the trunk, Te Manga, the branches and Te Kauru, the crown. When the Year 6 students leave for Intermediate, they become Te Manu, the bird. Our kaupapa means, 'the bird leaves the tree but can always come back to vist.'

The tree was chosen because of the school's commitment to it's environmental project. The school has planted over 18 000 native trees and shrubs as part of a re-vegetation project on the shores of nearby Lake Ngatu.