Storm day

I thought there was a tornado blowing all around. I thought the tornado was heading for Mt Taranaki. I saw lightening outside and I heard thunder. I heard lots of noise. I heard trees blowing down and in the morning I went to see the trees. My Nan's shed blew down and the roof went next door on to their driveway.

By Chejzharn, year 4

On the storm day in Patea my Nan's roof fell off her house and it blew over to our house. My brother's caravan tipped over and Dad put it back on it's side but it was quite broken. We had to clean it all up on a sunny day. Dad put some wood on Nana's house and is going to put iron over it. My playhouse tipped over and my trampoline tipped over on to it's side and so we put it up at Nana's house.

By Ivan, year 4.