Anzac Day

Kia ora,
Ko Ariki,
Ko Lexus,
Izzy toku ingoa.
Ko Tauhara Primary toku kura.

We decided to do an inquiry about Anzac Day because it was interesting but mostly it is an important part of our heritage.

(Our personal feelings)

Lexus: I feel sad for the ANZACs who died in the war in Gallipoli.
Ariki: I also feel sad for all of the brave ANZACs who died sacrificing there lives for NZ.
Izzy: I feel sad for all the ANZACs because they went to war and died for New Zealand.

  • The war was located at Gallipoli.
  • It was early morning when the Anzacs set off.
  • The ANZACs (Australian and New Zealand soldiers) rowed their boats to Gallipoli.
  • They went to their ships.
  • Machine guns and rifles started firing.
  • The ANZACs took cover under the cliff.
  • There were 25,000 ANZACs.
  • Over 8500 Australians died.
  • 44,000 British and French soldiers died.
  • 2721 New Zealanders died.
The Dawn Service

There is a Dawn service every year on 25 April to remind us of the ANZACs. At the service there is a gun salute, three bullets are fired, and the last post is played on the bugle. The last words are 'Remember them, Lest we forget.’ People wear red poppies.