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Sports in the past

Girls sports

In present times for sports a pair of shorts and a T-shirt will pass as a uniform but in the past the uniforms were much more complex. For instance, the girls' basketball uniform was a neatly pleated navy blue frock which fitted over the head. Over that was a girdle that tied around the waist. Pinned to the girls' shoulders were fabrics of navy blue and gold and last but not least a navy blue cap was placed on the head. At the time of the 1930s basketball and softball were the only proper sports that girls played. When the sun came up and summer time came, girls went ballistic for softball. When winter arrived the girls were also excited about the new season of basketball. But now the years have passed and girls' sports have changed.
By Lucy

Photos from the school archives: Left a drawing from the 1929 school magazine handwritten and published by Std 6B. Right photo from Edna Hardgraves showing the basketball team circa 1934.

Boys Sports

The year of 1929 was quite successful as far as cricket and football were concerned, according to the 1929 School Magazine. As the cricket and football seasons came around again a cloud of joy wafted over the heads of many pupils. It was many children's favourite time of year. But at lunchtime the boys had different ideas!

By Alex

The 1934 soccer team won the championships and went to Australia.

The rugby team from 1962

Trolley racing 1960s

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