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Johnsonville Railway


The present day state of the railway line is a nice ride through unique New Zealand bush. The railway is run with the same trains that have run on the line for over 30 years. A trip on the train is $2 for adults on the line and $4 to Wellington or Johnsonville. A child is $1 on the line and $2 to get to Johnsonville or Wellington. It is a great railway to connect you to the city or just to take a joy ride.

Rich in history, the route meanders through bush clad valleys and steep sided hills north of Wellington. Early settlers had to carve and blast through solid rock to open the track in 1885, building seven tunnels and four bridges along the way. Later, it became one of the first electrified lines in the country (13 July 1938) and is now an integral part of the communities it services.

The 21 minute journey offers a number of attractions for visitors along the way. Views of the city, harbour can be enjoyed before the train enters the succession of tunnels and begins its ascent into the hills.

For the adventurous, the region’s numerous parks and reserves are within easy reach of the Johnsonville line. You can walk through native bush in Khandallah Park (just three minutes from Khandallah Station) or hike to the top of Mount Kaukau for some of the most spectacular views of the greater Wellington area.

Trains run on the Johnsonville line seven days a week. Outside morning and evening peaks, Monday to Friday, train services are every thirty minutes; Saturday services run every thirty minutes between 7:30am and 7.00pm, then hourly. Sunday services run every thirty minutes between 8.00am and 7.00pm, and then hourly.

In the off-peak, all day Saturday and all day Sunday, fares on Johnsonville line services are just $1.50 per trip.