Recycling at Campbells Bay Primary School
By Campbells Bay Primary School
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hand:   Recycling At Campbells Bay School

Nick: Conor:

Nicholas and Conor completed this report.

Our task is to see what was and wasn't recycled at Campbells Bay School. We did a survey of what was in the jumbo bin.  We saw hazardous waste, like disinfectant, glue and paint which wasn't dry.  We also saw a tyre which wasn't supposed to be there.

We Found

  • 1 cigarette pack                            
  • 8 pieces of wood
  • newspaper
  • lots and lots of paper
  • 3 pencils 
  • 20 chippie packets
  • lots of plastic
  • cardboard
  • tin lids
  • magazines
  • sandwiches

We interviewed people to find out information. 

Mrs McNair:

 We interviewed Mrs McNair, our school Bursar and found out that we get 80c per kg for aluminium cans.There are 70 cans in a kilogram . We found out that we pay for the jumbo bin to be taken away.  The paper gets taken away, we don't get money for it but we don't have to pay for it.

We interviewed Mrs Meder and she told us about the recycling bins for our classrooms.  All classes save their old paper, it goes into our paper bins at the front gate and the Paper Chaser truck takes it away.  It goes to Constellation Drive to the sorting bay and then it goes to the paper bay and they make new paper, egg cartons or drink cartons at McDonalds  with it.  They shred it and pulp it.

Paper Bin:  

We rang up the Cancer Society to find out what happens to the clothes from the Cancer Society.  We found out that the clothes get sold to raise money for the Cancer Society.


Clothing bin:

Our school also recycles old printer cartridges, we send them to a company who recycle them and make a donation to help the Ronald McDonald House for families of sick children.

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