Recycling at Campbells Bay Primary School
By Campbells Bay Primary School
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hand:   What people at CBS recycle at home


Jesse made a graph in Excel.

I did a survey of 40 people in Year 6 of what they recycle and don't recycle at home.  22 people replied to my survey.

Recycling Graph:


Most people on the North Shore recycle plastics, glass and aluminium.  The Council distributed free green bins about 5 years ago and the rubbish is collected free every Thursday morning.  If you lose your bin, you can buy one from the Council for $5.00.


Street: Rubbish:

As part of this project, we got two green bins for our school and now the pupils put their lunch time plastics and cans in the bin, before they just went into the jumbo bin and we had to pay for it to be collected.


I also did a survey by fax to a country school and found that they recycle too, and that nearly all the children had a compost bin or feed food scraps to animals.


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