Recycling at Campbells Bay Primary School
By Campbells Bay Primary School
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hand:   Encouraging Recycling at School

Nick: Conor:

Nick and Conor helped to encourage everyone to recycle - they had the job of checking the jumbo bin every day to see if anyone was being naughty and putting paper in it.

As a result of a competition, looking for new ideas to help encourage Campbells Bay pupils to recycle more, some Year 6 pupils put on a show at assembly. The results of the survey are on the Zero Waste page.


This is Elliot, Anthony, Jessica, Jack and Holly.  They acted out how to dispose of your rubbish, at assembly in front of the whole school and all the staff.  Elliot was the bad boy and threw his rubbish on the ground and everyone booed.  Jessica was the good girl and put her recycling in the right container and everyone cheered.

Then we gave a new paper recycling bin to every single class and the office, art room, library and RTLB room.  A pupil is going to empty them whenever they are full as the caretaker is already very busy.  Since this assembly, (two weeks ago) the caretaker has had to put out an extra sack for all the paper recycling, which is really good.  We hope people will remember.  We have also had a display in the library and put up posters to remind people to recycle.

We hope everyone reading this will recycle as much as they can.


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