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Boulder Bay on Banks Peninsula

Curriculum Links


  • Written Language

We crafted our ideas into simple poems, proof-reading and editing our work until it was perfect. To communicate effectively and create strong poetic images, we chose the very best vocabulary we could.

  • Visual Language

Digital photographs give our poems greater impact and meaning.

Mâori Language

We have grown in our understanding of Mâori, through our choice of poem titles.

Health and Physical Education

We prepared for our tramp to Boulder Bay by working to improve personal fitness levels and increasing stamina.

Social Studies

  • Place and Environment

We thought about the way Boulder Bay was used and visited over time by different groups of people.


  • Making sense of the Living World

We grouped the sea creatures we discovered, based on physical features. By further studying their features, we learned how these characteristics helped survival.

Essential Skills

We worked together to complete our project, using a range of skills and tools. ICT enhanced our learning and created a final product, this web page, which we can proudly share with our classmates and parents.

These are skills we have used:

  • comunication skills;
  • information skills;
  • problem-solving skills;
  • self-management and competitive skills;
  • social and competitive skills;
  • physical skills; and
  • work and study skills.


Written by Andrew, Max, William, Isaac, Sylvie, Hannah, Brittany and Annabelle


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