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Elmwood Normal School
Boulder Bay on Banks Peninsula

Up and over Scarborough Hill wound a seemingly endless procession of Elmwood school children. Early morning breeze ruffled hair and sun shone on arms and legs, so that sweatshirts were soon taken off and crammed into backpacks.

It was Friday, 15 March 2002. There were almost a hundred of us from Year Five at Elmwood and we were tramping from Taylors Mistake to Boulder Bay.




As we walked we occasionally glanced at the blue sea, the blue sky and the dramatically contrasting rocky basalt cliffs of Godley Head. Our teacher aide, Sarah, walked with Alexander. He stopped to touch flowers along the way, feeling and sensing what he couldn't see.

Upon reaching Boulder Bay, we first explored the rock pools. There were masses of sea anemones. They felt like jelly and curled up when gently touched. In other pools barnacles clung to rocks and starfish hid in the shadows. Along the foreshore waves crashed onto rocks with a deafening roar. Overhead, seagulls screeched while children yelled to each other.

Clambering over rocks, we experienced first hand the geology of this area. Like all of Banks Peninsula, Boulder Bay is the result of volcanic activity millions of years ago.

Armed with the digital camera we took photographs of our discoveries. Perched on boulders we observed our surroundings and then wrote or sketched.

Our Living Heritage project is the result of these observations and experiences, and the impact they had on us, through our writing and photographs.

Wrtiten by Max, William and Isaac


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