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What We Think…
We have had lots of fun working on this project.
Thank you for looking at our work.
As a result of this study we have learned about how mangroves grow, how they spread and how they give a home to other creatures.  We also learned how they change the land and the waterways that they grow in.  
We interviewed some people who like mangroves growing near their homes because they like the view and they like how they attract birds.  They sometimes use the channels between the mangroves for recreation (e.g. kayaking).  
The Auckland Regional Council are currently looking at the opinions of many people who have made submissions on what should be done about mangroves.  We don’t think that their job will be easy because people have such different opinions.
But we also interviewed people who don’t like mangroves growing near their homes. Some of their reasons are because of how they have spread over much bigger areas, how they clog up the waterways so that they don’t flow as well as they used to and how they trap rubbish in their roots.  Some people don’t like mangroves because they have taken over the water they used to use for recreation