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Test your mangrove knowledge
1.    What are the stick-like breathing roots called that help mangroves breathe?
        a)  Pneumataphores      b)  Propagules      c) Polychaetes
2.    What is the Maori name for mangrove?
        a)  Waimatua      b)  Manawa      c)  Tawaroa
3.    What habitat can mangroves survive in?
        a)  Surf beaches      b)  Sheltered tidal bays      c)  Swift-flowing rivers
4.    What fish does not live in mangroves?
        a)  Flounder      b)  Snapper      c)  Kahawai
5.    How many species of mangrove are there in New Zealand?
       a)  5      b)  1      c)  3
6.    What colour is the mangrove flower?
        a)  Pink      b)  Red      c)  Yellow
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