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What do the Parents Think?
Responses to our questionnaire
Pip’s Mum
Mckenzie’s parents
I like watching the fish jump in the shallow water.  I love watching the kingfishers dive down to the top of the water and catching fish.
I like how they look and how they help stop erosion.
Kyra’s parents
I don’t like the mangroves because they attract rodents.
I like the mangroves because there are lots of pretty birds.
Ben’s Dad
We have had several walks through the mangroves and enjoy getting filthy and stuck in the mud.  A fun place for adventure and a natural environment for wildlife.
James K’s Dad
Joshua’s Dad
The mangroves reduce the noise from the motorway west of the bay.  The view would look better if they were removed but environmentally they should stay.
They are invasive… they seem to trap the silt and make the estuary muddy.  But it’s great watching the bird life hang out in them and when you look out you see lots of foliage.
Kanei & Travarn’s Dad
They make a pleasant view but we don’t go near them because there are too many mosquitoes.
Kayla’s grandparents
I think mangroves are a nuisance!
I think the mangroves should be taken away because they grow on my property.