Mapua School

Discover Tasman: The Tasbay Rocky Shore

Graphs and Recounts By Room 1

Our Graphs

We are the Year 1 and 2 students from Room 1. We used the information from the tally sheets we made at the rocky shore to make graphs.

We chose four sea creatures to graph. We graphed the total number of creatures in the high, mid, and low tide zones.

We made two graphs because we wanted to compare the number of creatures from our first visit to the number from the second visit.

We looked carefully at the two graphs and we thought of some facts.
Here are our results…

Rocky Shore Creatures Visit 1

Rocky Shore Creatures Visit 2

"We found most of the animals at mid-tide”, said Sophie.

“We found the most tube worms at mid-tide”, said Jamie and Eden.

“We found most cushion starfish at low-tide”, said Brooke.

“Most of the Mussels were at high-tide”, said Analese.

“We found nearly 100 Tube Worms at mid-tide”, said Hunter.

“We found most Half Crabs at mid-tide”, said Alina.

“We found most half crabs at high-tide”, said Venka and Fergus.

“We found most of the tube worms at low-tide”, said Nathan.

“We saw the most cushion stars at low-tide”, said Latai and Taylor-May.

“We didn’t find many cushion stars”, said Lochie.

“At mid-tide we found the least amount of half crabs”, said Travis.

"There weren't many tube worms at high-tide", said Sylvie.

Comparing the Graphs

"There were more cushion stars on the first beach visit", said Zane.

"The graph of the cushion stars looks the same on both visits", said Kayla and Tate.

"There were a lot more tube worms on the second visit", said Isabel and Jack.

"I think there are more starfish on that one (the second graph)", said Java.

"The most mussels were at high-tide on both visits", said Tia and Eylish.

Our Recounts

We wrote about our visits to the beach. Here are some of our recounts…

Yesterday I went to McKee Domain. We found eight crabs but most of them were dead. One of them was still alive. I saw a seal diving up and down. I saw its head and its beautiful eyes.

I found a starfish. It was a sunny day. I went with my Dad to the rock pools.

Yesterday the junior syndicate went to the beach. We had a great time. We looked in all the rock pools. We had lots of fun. It was really sunny. I found a starfish. My favourite animal was a crab. I held it in my hands but it didn’t pinch me.

The junior syndicate went to the beach. I went to the water.

I had fun at the beach. I saw a seal.

Yesterday the junior syndicate went to the beach. The animals in the rock pools were cool. I saw a starfish and I saw some crabs. There was a seal and a dolphin in the water.

I found a starfish on a rock. It was a sunny day at the McKee Domain.

I saw a seal at the beach. It was a fun trip. My favourite thing was tallying the animals.

Yesterday we went to the rocky shore. We went because we wanted to learn about the rocky shore. It was a beautiful day. We used a hoop when we were counting the animals. We put it on the ground and we counted what was inside.


On the beach visit I saw a seal and some dolphins. I saw lots of mussels and some crabs and seaweed. I did not see very many shells. I caught a crab.

We went to the beach and we found a crab, five starfish and a spiky thing. At the beach I fell over and it hurt. We learned a lot about the rock pools.

Yesterday morning we went to the McKee Domain beach. We went to find out why all these animals live in such a small place. My Mum came to the beach. We had lots of fun. We counted the animals and then we drew some sea animals. Then we let the sea animals go.